Revolutionary Pilot Project by Vlinvesta Sets New Standard in Sustainable Energy

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In a world where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, Vlinvesta proudly presents a groundbreaking initiative that is transforming the way we think about energy usage and sharing.

As a first of its kind, Vlinvesta has launched a unique pilot project at La Corbeille – a step forward in embracing the new European legislation that allows energy sharing across different entities. This project not only highlights our commitment to a green and sustainable future but also enables us to introduce a first in the energy market.

What makes this project so special? For the first time, locally generated solar energy is not only used within the La Corbeille business site but also shared with a private residence. This is made possible by an innovative software platform that facilitates digital bi-directional communication. This platform, enhanced by advanced AI, gives us the unprecedented ability to allocate energy based on current needs and market prices.

The benefits extend beyond simple energy sharing. Thanks to the large battery, our project also contributes to stabilizing the grid by flexibly responding to fluctuations in energy demand and supply. This represents a crucial step in reducing grid imbalance and highlights the potential of local energy initiatives in our pursuit of a more sustainable world.

Vlinvesta believes that...

... this project represents a milestone in the evolution of energy consumption and distribution. It not only offers a model for how businesses and individuals can join forces for a more sustainable future but also underscores the role of innovative technologies in shaping our energy networks.

Vlinvesta is seeking...

... media partners interested in highlighting this innovative project and its impact on society. Your platform provides the perfect opportunity to shed light on this revolutionary step in sustainable energy.

Vlinvesta invites you...

... to participate in this advanced initiative and join us in paving the way for a more sustainable future. Let’s work together to bring attention to this significant step in the energy transition and emphasize its potential. Together, we can make a greater impact and leave a better world for future generations. Let’s build a more sustainable future together!

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