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Innovative entrepreneurship starts with the right fundamentals. At Living Tomorrow we organise training courses and workshops around a diverse range of themes and topics. We also offer various keynote speakers, both internal as in our Living Tomorrow ecosystem. All with one clear objective: to use the knowledge you have gained to prepare your organisation for the future. 

Living Tomorrow Academy

Living Tomorrow Academy combines the best of not both, but all worlds: the international innovation platform of Living Tomorrow with the experts of TomorrowLab, complimented with top-notch experts and trainers from within our innovation ecosystem. And that is what makes Living Tomorrow Academy different: innovation training, taught by innovators.

Together, we provide training programs on innovation, workshops and keynote speakers. We help you and your organisation to understand the future to make the right choices, to deliver new value by innovating, to build an innovative ecosystem, and to develop the skills and capabilities they need to innovate in the 21st century.

We offer a one-stop shop for all innovation topics and learning formats:

Keynote speakers

Discover our curated selection of forward-thinkers, experts, and trailblazers who are at the forefront of shaping the future in various domains.

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Tomorrow's leaders

The Living Tomorrow Academy, a place where the future of learning meets the needs of tomorrow's leaders.

Tine Van Hecke, Academy Manager

Question about the Living Tomorrow Academy?

Contact our Academy Manager Tine, she will help you to find the perfect formula for your specific training needs.

Prefer a customised program tailored specifically to your organisation and needs? Let's get in touch!

We have a team of event and hospitality professionals that will do whatever it takes to make your visit, event or stay a true immersion in hospitality, innovation and experience.

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