Innovation in site monitoring

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We invite you into the world of site monitoring with HD cameras and real-time data. Discover the possibilities of AI for project monitoring and communication and receive a gift for your next project.

Innovation in site monitoring with HD cameras and real-time data

Curious to learn more about how construction sites are being monitored with real-time HD photos and timelapse videos? Learn more about site monitoring of the future in the C-Site magazine. Here is a small sneak preview.

  • 70,000 photos are easily taken during a construction project
  • Camera systems with a 4G unit ensure real-time availability
  • Timelapses are also being used for in high-tech logistics warehouses
  • Artificial Intelligence can instantly present you with all the images featuring a white van during weekends, for example
  • A livestream allows you to closely follow the works on the Royers lock
  • A camera connected to a custom dashboard was suspended for 815 days in Living Tomorrow's tower crane
  • In the magazine you will find a gift for your next construction project
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