Ruth Janssens

Ruth Janssens

Ruth Janssens founded Small Teaser in 2015. She is currently Managing partner at Morrow Ventures. She speaks about start-ups/scale-ups (open innovation), fundraising/risk capital and entrepreneurship as a rollercoaster.


Ruth Janssens founded Small Teaser in 2015. In 2016, she was awarded best young female entrepreneur and in 2017, Small Teaser became Start-up of the Year. In her book "Struikelen in stijl” Ruth gives an honest insight into the course of her adventure as a Tech entrepreneur. She is currently Managing partner at Morrow Ventures, an investment fund for BeNeLux early-stage tech companies.

She reveals the lessons she learnt along the way in her keynotes. In doing so, she addresses the fact that failure is inherent in entrepreneurship, breaking the taboo.

The topics she can discuss in her keynotes, panels or interviews:

  • Start-ups/scale-ups (open innovation),
  • Fundraising/risk capital
  • Entrepreneurship as a rollercoaster

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